products west end loan

Items we Pawn: Gold, Silver, Platinum: Rings, bracelets, watches, pocket watches, neckchains, earrings, pendants, bridal sets, charms, cufflinks, tie pins, class rings, antique jewelry. DVD players/portable DVD players Blu-ray players, Laptops/Netbooks, Stereos/Surround Sounds, Ipads, Up to date gaming systems, Guitars and other musical instruments, Tools-Dewalt, Bosch, Stihl Craftsman and Snap-on hand tools, Fishing rods/reels and tackle

Items we buy: Scrap or unwanted gold, silver, platinum Diamonds half carat or larger, Video games, Hummels, Llardo Waterford crystal, US silver and gold coins, Sterling silver flatware, Anything odd or unusual Most items that we pawn we also buy

Birth Stones: January-Garnet February-Amethyst March-Aquamarine April-Diamond May-Emerald June-Pearl July-Ruby August-Peridot September-Sapphire October-Opal November-Topaz December-Turquoise

Items Stolen or Lost: Pawnshops are required to report every pawn or purchase transaction to their local police department. These police reports have shown that pawnshops received less than on tenth of 1% of the items reported stolen or lost. Where you should look: ~Flea markets ~Gold and silver buyers ~Wholesale jewelry buyers ~Custom jewelry manufacturers ~Retail jewelry stores ~Gun shows ~Used appliance/electronics stores ~Used sporting goods stores ~Police property/recovery/evidence rooms ~Repair centers ~Collectible stores ~Consignment shops ~Second hand stores ~Antique shops