about pawnshops

Pawn loans are a quick and easy way to borrow money without a credit check or hassle. Loans are based on the value of your collateral, not your credit rating or pay schedule. If you cannot pay back your loan in full, including any applicable grace period, we offer extensions to give you extra time. You may also choose to surrender your collateral as payment in full.

The State of Ohio, Division of Financial Institutions, inspects, regulates, and licenses Ohio Pawnbrokers. The terms are set by the state. Loans are held for a minimum of three months (two months plus a thirty day notice, in total 90 days.) and the maximum rates are 5% interest per month on a loan and $4.00 a month storage. Other fees, such as mailing fees, may apply. The pledgor therefore has that amount of time to either redeem the loan and pick up their item by repaying the principal amount borrowed plus the accrued monthly interest and storage fees, or may make a payment of the interest and storage fees to extend the life of the loan. If the pledgor fails to make a payment or to payoff their loan by the end of the loan period, the item forfeits, becomes the property of the pawnbroker, and is put out for sale.

Fun Facts about Pawnshops:

 The first pawn shops emerged in ancient China more than 3,000 years ago.

- Today, there are more than 12,000 pawn shops operating in the United States alone.

- It is estimated that approximately 25 million Americans do not have a bank checking account. Pawn shops serve this population by offering a source of short- term loans.

- Pawn shops are often referred to as the “Lombard” in Europe, in reference to the House of Lombard, a prominent lending family in medieval London.

- More than 70 percent of all items pawned today are reclaimed.

- The average loan granted for a pawned item is $75.

- Most states have laws limiting the amount of interest charged on pawn loans.

- State laws mandate that customers pawning items provide detailed information including name, address, and date of birth, and show government issued ID.

- The symbol of the pawnbroker is three spheres suspended from a bar. Some connect this symbol to the Medici Family--legend has it that one of the Medicis working for Emperor Charles the Great killed a giant with three sacks of rocks. The three balls or globes later became part of their family crest, and ultimately, the sign of pawnbroking.

- Saint Nicolas is the patron saint of pawnbrokers; the symbolism of the three balls or spheres associated with pawnbrokers has also been connected with his gift of three bags of coins to the three daughters of a poor man so that they could marry.